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If possible please include a title and a strap-line (a brief description of the piece) plus a 50 word biography and a head and shoulders photograph of you, the author. You may also wish to include links to your website/Facebook page/email address/Twitter account so that people can contact you.

Please also include photographs, preferably your own, to illustrate the piece. If they are not your photos please ensure there are no copyright issues. If you want to include links (advisable) please do so in brackets after the word you want linked to. The more links to outside sites the better as this makes it easier for Google to find your story.

Whitstable Views reserves the right to edit the piece to make it more comprehensible to the reader. There is no guarantee that your story will be accepted.

No sexism, racism, or discriminatory material of any kind will be accepted. Our aim at Whitstable Views is to be as inclusive as possible. It is to give everyone a voice.

Also no fiction and no poetry. This is not because we dislike fiction or poetry, but rather because we want to remain primarily a news site. It is good to define the boundaries. There are plenty of sites out there that take fiction and poetry. Whitstable Views is not one of them.

We look forward to reading your material and to publishing it here on Whitstable Views.


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