Welcome to the webpage of Whitstable Views, your own online community magazine/newspaper, for, by and about the people of Whitstable.

The site started off as a showcase for the Whitstable based columns of CJ Stone, well known local postie, author, journalist and community organiser. As a consequence you will find a lot of material from the CJ Stone archive on this site.

More recently we have hosted a number of guest blogs from the likes of Julie Wassmer, Matthew Hatchwell and Diane Langford.

Local journalism is in turmoil. Since the loss of the Whitstable Times, and the near abandonment of Whitstable by the Gazette – due largely to the coronavirus lockdown – the town has been left virtually without a newspaper.

Whitstable Views hopes to fill that gap, to offer Whitstable a voice once more, and to be a platform for locally-based news, views and reflections from the North Kent coast.

Submissions are welcome. Whitstable Views is a platform for independent news, local voices and fact-based journalism, curated and edited by CJ Stone.

If you want to make a submission, please send to christopherjamesstone@gmail.com. Whitstable Views is open to contributions from artists and photographers as well as writers; indeed to local craft people and to community-minded businesses of any kind. Builders, cafe owners, painters and decorators, jewellers, greengrocers – the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker – everyone is welcome here.

There are some limits, however. Whitstable Views does not condone racism, or bigotry based upon sex, race, religion, or any other prejudice, in any form. People are free to think what they like, but Whitstable Views will not be a platform for anyone who is trying to hurt or damage anyone else.

Also no poetry or fiction. There are other sites available for your imaginative output. Whitstable Views is a news-based site and we want to remain that way.

Contributions may be edited to make them accessible to the reader. We cannot guarantee that every piece submitted will be accepted.

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