Whitstable Weddings: Rob and Tara Jeffery of Gillingham


Christopher James Stone

So first of all a happy anniversary to Rob and Tara Jeffery of Gillingham, Kent, who were married this time last year.

The reason I know this is that I accidentally walked in on their wedding. They were holding their reception at Beacon House on the beach, which happens to be on my round.

I dropped the letters off and came out of the gate onto the path. There was a large crowd in all their finery, taking wedding photos. A sudden cheer rose up.

That stopped me in my tracks. What was going on here? I looked around to to find out what it was they were cheering and it appeared that it was me. That must be the first time ever, in the whole 500 year history of the postal industry, that a postal worker got cheered for delivering letters.

It turned out that Rob and Tara are postal workers too, along with a large percentage of their guests. They wanted a photo with me.

I was reluctant at first, being a bit shy, but they managed to persuade me. So there I was, a red-faced postie in his hi-viz waistcoat, flanked by the bride and groom, posing for a wedding photo on Whitstable beach.

They liked the photo so much it now hangs on their living room wall they told me. This was last week, when I bumped into them again on the anniversary of their wedding. They were sitting on the bench at the Hotel Continental end, contemplating the view, when I drove by.

They waved, but I didn’t recognise them. Who were they waving at? Not at me, surely? Who waves at postal workers going about their daily business?

But, once again, it did turn out to be me. They came down to Beacon House, and greeted me at the gate.

“I bet you think we’re mad don’t you? Only you were at our wedding last year. We took a photo, do you remember?”

How could I forget? And we had another photo on the beach outside Beacon House to commemorate this occasion too, and the two of them gave me a huge hug.

Hugs for postal workers now. Sometimes life is so gloriously unpredictable.



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