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Why my natural skincare and holistic health treatments are in demand


Caroline Lyons

I have been a holistic health therapist for nearly 30 years. Several years ago, while working with cancer patients who were seeking to cut down their exposure to toxic chemicals, I was asked which skincare products I would recommend. At that time, I wasn’t too sure of the answer but I soon realised that the natural deodorant I was already making for myself might very well suit my clients. After trying this product, the feedback was fantastic but, knowing that it’s no simple task to develop and market your own natural cosmetics, I then went on to train as a natural skincare formulator.   

For someone like me, who doesn’t even wear make-up, finding myself immersed in what’s known as the “beauty world” initially felt a little strange. I’m not a huge cosmetics company, but a local Whitstable woman trying to develop and build my own brand in a highly competitive market. Things were going extremely well, with several of my products about to hit our high streets in a big way – when Covid came along.   

As a trained holistic therapist – including massage and reflexology – and a yoga teacher, I found myself unable to work throughout most the pandemic but I used this time to concentrate on the re-branding of all my skincare products and therapies so that they are now all tied together – as Ollogii.

During the pandemic – with the growth of Zoom – I found I couldn’t wait to get back to giving my face2face yoga classes – ironic, considering that two decades ago I had approached my insurance company with the idea of filming classes and offering the videos online – in effect, creating an online community via the filmed live classes – only for my insurers to dismiss the idea as a non-starter. Oh, how the world had changed!  

My background is Ashtanga Yoga and I loved teaching a strong practice, but during the pandemic I began to fully appreciate the softer side of Yin Yoga, a gentle restorative style of yoga which concentrates on the fascia, ligaments and tendons of the body. I have come to notice big improvements in my students’ flexibility since working in this style. Importantly – my students love the classes!

We live such Yang lifestyles these days and while many of us like to think we have learned a thing or two during Covid about prioritising our health, it’s easy to forget the importance of a healthy work/life balance. Nevertheless, I began to witness a big change in my clients’ post-pandemic needs, particularly with a desire for much longer holistic health treatments. This indicates to me that not only are people trying to put their health first, they are also recognising the wonderful benefits of regular health treatments, including massage and reflexology.

These days, many people seem to be struggling with sleep so I recently launched a Sleep Balm which has proved so popular I decided to create a whole collection of products within a lovely box. A Good Nights Sleep in a Box contains my sleep balm, a sachet of relaxation bath salts, herbal tea from Chai Wallah Margate, a lavender eye pillow (lovingly made by my husband) and a download to a Yoga Nidra – which is a guided meditation to aid you off to sleep.

Routes to relaxation can also be found via my Yin Yoga classes, a regular massage or a reflexology treatment. I regularly hold Yoga Nidra and SoundBath sessions here in Whitstable at the ShaktiDen in Cromwell Road.  

Much of my skincare range is ideal for women going through the menopause, with many of the products perfect for dry and sensitive skin, but equally my Facial Oils are just as good for men’s moustache and beard grooming.

To help you tick off some of your Christmas shopping list I am also currently offering 6 days of Advent – offers which not only make great Christmas gifts but offer a great chance to check out my range of therapies, classes and workshops and skincare   


You will find me at the following local markets in December:  

Thursday 1st Dec   4-8pm SouthQuay Shed  

Saturday  2nd Dec 11-5 Whitstable Castle  

Sunday    3rd Dec  11-5 Whitstable Castle  

Saturday  10th Dec – Whitstable Vegan Market, Umbrella Centre  

Wed’day  14th – 20th Dec – Whitstable Harbour Huts  

You can purchase direct from me at these markets or via my website, where I offer free local delivery  

To view my timetable of Yin Yoga Classes and SoundBath Workshops click here:

And to view her 6 days of Advent, check in here each day from 1st – 6th Dec

My therapies can be viewed here:  

Or Follow or Like Ollogii on Facebook and Instagram:


@ollogii for skincare    

Next year you will find me at regular Whitstable, Herne Bay and Faversham markets throughout the year, so whether you want to chat about skincare or your healthcare do pop along and have a chat with me. I’ll be more than happy to help.


Graham Baker Photography

Caroline Lyons has been a holistic health therapist for nearly 30 years. She offers a variety of different Holistic treatments, including massage and reflexology, from her home in Whitstable as well as yin yoga and SoundBath sessions from ShaktiDen in Cromwell Road. 

Her multi-award-winning skincare range is all available online with free delivery to Whitstable, and gift cards are also available making the perfect gift for Christmas.

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