Public meeting:

What Are The impacts of Airbnb and holiday lets on your community?

Canterbury District

Friday 16th september 6.30pm
umbrella centre hall, oxford st, WHITSTABLE, CT5 1DD

Green party Councillor Clare Turnbull

Green party Councillor Clare Turnbull is inviting the public to air their views and experiences of the impact of Airbnbs and holiday lets in Whitstable, as part of the government’s call for evidence on the impact of the growth of holiday lets in popular tourist destinations. Clare will be submitting evidence to the government consultation on developing a tourist accommodation registration scheme.

“Whitstable is increasingly dependent on tourism and holiday accommodation provides economic benefits to the town but there are also strong feelings locally about the impact of Airbnb accommodation on local housing, anti-social behaviour, parking and other issues which also need to be taken into account,” said Councillor Turnbull.

Councillor Turnbull has also issued an online survey to gauge opinion on the positive and negative effects of the recent growth in holiday accommodation and the potential need for it to be better regulated. It is estimated that there are now more than 1,000 holiday lets in the town.

Local residents, business owners, Airbnb operators, the press and those who work in public services are all invited to attend and express their views and be part of the government’s call for evidence.

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On-line survey here.

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